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Family – Sisseton, SD Family Photography

Jackie’s family lives in South Dakota, near the Minnesota border, so we get to visit quite often as it’s about a four hour drive.  It has been wonderful for our little girl to get to see her grandparents, great grandparents, and Uncle Jake, Aunt Steph, and cousins Logan and Carter on a regular basis.

We were out to the farm visiting last weekend and decided to take some family pics for them.  These are in their backyard, the farm that Jake and Jackie grew up on.  It was a perfectly beautiful, sunny fall day, and even their sweet dog Jag jumped in for most of the pics.  These were our first official portraits, and we are excited to share them!

Jake Steph and Boys 1

Jake Steph and Boys 2

Jake Steph and Boys 3

Steph Logan and Jag

A new journey for us

Nigel and Jackie 5 Year Anniversary Pic by Nicole Gee

Pic taken October 2011 at Loring Park in Minneapolis

After talking about it for years, and dreaming about it since before we even met, we finally got a camera and are embarking on our photography adventure together.  We just celebrating our 5-year anniversary and our baby girl’s 1st birthday, and are excited for what God has in store for us next.