Our little 18-month-old

We headed out to an amazing church on an old farm property to take some pics of our sweetheart at 18 months old.  We had an 80 degree April day, in some beautiful late afternoon sun.  I cannot believe my baby is 18 months old already.  L is sure growing up!

These are a few of our favorites from our mini photo session:

“Daddy, what is that?!?”

Dancing with Daddy

“Hold my hand.”

Our beautiful girl

Even a picture with Mama

Here are some of her favorite things right now:

  • Playing at the playground with her neighborhood friends, especially Riley and Abby
  • Climbing up, yes UP, the big slide
  • Finding airplanes in the sky, which is often since we’re so close to the airport
  • Anything having to do with Elmo or Bob the Tomato
  • Brushing her teeth
  • Dancing
  • Eating strawberries and grapes, curry and rice, pasta, or animal crackers
  • Hugs. Lots and lots of sweet, squishy hugs.

She is a delight these days, and Nigel being in between jobs has had lots of time with her in recent weeks.  We have made some wonderful memories!  Don’t grow up too fast, though, my little love.


3 responses to “Our little 18-month-old

  1. hey, jackie!! love your blog — well done!!
    & the images of lilyana are lovely. what a cutie she is!!

  2. Those pics are sooooo cute. Very typical of her. That smile goes right to the heart. Love her soo much. And her Mommy and Daddy too.

  3. Grandpa & Grandma

    Beautiful pictures. She needs to have a photo session at Grandma & Grandpa’s house real soon!!!!! She also loves balls!!

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